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Bikeability or National Standards?

17 Aug 2021

What's the difference?

- Bikeability or National Standards?
- What's the Difference?

These are just some of the questions we regularly get asked. The simple answer is that National Standards is the government's standard and Bikeability is the brand name of their programme to deliver these cycling standards to children in school.

All of the Bikeability curriculum is based on National Standards. Whether your child is able to do Bikeability at school depends on whether the school can accommodate training and which training provider they choose to deliver the cycle training with.

Jon, our cycling coach at JP Cycle Services, is a qualified cycling coach in both National Standards and the delivery of the Bikeability Programme. He also holds the British Cycling Level 2 Coach and British Cycling Level 2 Mountain Bike Coach qualifications. As a company, we offer cycle training to National Standards and support the delivery of Bikeability in schools working with local County Council approved private providers.

So, to summarise, whether your child is taught under National Standards or Bikeability, they are learning the same skills. It is down to parental choice (and budget!). See our 'Coaching' page to see the competitively priced courses JP Cycle Services currently has available under National Standards, or contact your school to find out what they offer under the Bikeabilty banner.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have via our 'Contact Us' section or by emailing

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