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Tailored 1:1 Adult Cycle Coaching


You name your cycling goal, we will help you get there!

Ideal for adults who want to learn to ride, who haven't ridden for a while and want to get back on their bike, who want to build their cycling confidence, who want to learn new cycling skills and who want to ride for fitness.


  • You are taught by a qualified instructor 1:1 

  • Lessons are adapted to your individual needs, from learning the basics in an environment free of vehicles and people, to developing skills on the road

  • Lessons are taught anywhere that is suitable for the rider - school playground, cycle paths, quiet roads and busier roads with varying speed limits. 


  • A bike in working order, comfortable clothing, sensible footwear and a helmet

  • The ability to get to the starting location with your bike (if this is not from your home address)


You set your cycling goals and we will help you achieve them at your pace.


  • £25 per hour - on the road training / £40 per 1:1 training session (vehicle free environment)

  • A mileage surcharge may apply to get to your chosen meeting point.


For several years now I have wanted to start cycling again but, having not cycled for over 43 years, I was extremely nervous about taking the first step. A month or so ago I decided I was finally going to take the plunge. It was, however, a daunting prospect to get on a bike.

Because of this I started googling “Adult Cycle Training”. It was then I came across the Bikeability scheme and looked for a local Bikeability trainer. I found JP Cycle Services and decided to get in touch to see if they would be prepared to train an older person like myself to start cycling. My reasoning for getting some proper training was that if I was driving a car for the first time in 43 years or
trying to ride a motorcycle for the first time, I would certainly go to a proper training school and not just launch myself on the road network with no form of instruction! Therefore, I felt, why should I not do some proper training for riding a pushbike?

I emailed JP Cycle Services and was extremely delighted to get an email back from Jon. Not only was Jon extremely encouraging and said he was happy to do some training sessions, as I was unable to transport my bike to Bicester Jon straight away suggested he come out to me and train me locally, which was fantastic.  My intention for getting someone to help me on my first ride had really been
just to have someone there to catch me as I fell off.  I had decided, there was no way I was going to ride on our busy local roads even once I was able to. All I had wanted was to take my bike and go for days out to somewhere quiet on off road tracks such as Pitsford Reservoir. I had anticipated that my first session would be spent trying to summon up the courage to get my feet off the floor but amazingly within the first 5 to 10 minutes Jon had me riding, albeit a bit shakily, down the road. I soon discovered there was far more to the session than just having someone to stop me falling of my bike. Jon’s patience and encouragement along with his knowledge, pointing out where I was going wrong and how to put it right, were invaluable. I was delighted to get through my first ride without falling off and breaking numerous bones. By the end of the second session, far from the terror I had started out with, I managed to relax enough to start enjoying the ride, so much so that I didn’t want to get off at the end.

Since my sessions with Jon, my cycling horizons have started to broaden with even contemplating riding on the road and commuting to jobs locally for which I must thank Jon for his kind help and assistance.

Jane - Croughton, Northamptonshire

September 2022

Adult Testimonial
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